Sunday, June 6, 2010

I wish weekends were 5 days.....

I am so tired...Andrew and I cleaned this evening, we cleaned the carpets...I am just worn out. Get this, I cleaned all the downstairs carpets...well its just the living room and hallway into the kitchen but its big. The whole time I am cleaning them Andrew was taken and cleaning out the water (which was filthy) and I kept going...but the soap was not going down and I kept thinking to myself  "this soap must not be scented." Ya, I get almost all done and realize that I had it on water rinse only! I rinsed the carpet, instead of cleaned the carpets. The good thing is it did suck up the dirt, I could tell because of the water..but I did go over them again. I am now tired and sore, but at least I got all the winter gook out of the carpets. I like to do the carpets every 3-4 months, but I think this time its been around 6 months just because I have been busy, and let me tell you I could tell I haven't done them in awhile.

We went to that party last night. It was drama, just fun. Thank goodness, because it was well needed. Xavier loved to be able to dance and run around. He actually slept good last night. I just wish the weekends wouldn't go so fast.

My candle party is this coming Saturday. I am so sad because hardly anyone can come. I thought it would be a lot of people wanting to come especially since I am doing Margarita's but I guess not. I understand a lot of people do not like candle parties but I do not expect people to buy I just thought it would be a fun way to get together with people. At least I know my 2 good friends will be here...thank goodness. They are the girls that we do "girls weekend" with every few months. Its soo nice getting away and going to the cabin. Speaking of that, we have a weekend planned coming up in a few weeks, thank goodness! I am counting down to it.

Its so funny, no one ever expects me to be one to go camping and stuff like that, but on that weekend I wear no makeup and just have fun. Drinking and sitting by the first, it is just so relaxing. I am really looking forward to it.

Well, time to get some sleep. Xavier is sitting here playing his DS *i gave him my old one* and all of the sudden he yelled out "damnit" at least I know he didn't get that one from me, because if it was from me he would of yelled out "oh shit!"


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