Sunday, August 15, 2010

What the "F" was I thinking?!

So its guys night out for my hubby. His friends get together once a month, it started out where they would watch the WWE Pay-per-views. They still get the pay-per-views each month but now I think it is more of just an excuse to get together, just the guys. Fine with me, I can use the night to myself. Oh wait, its not a night to myself, it is just like every freakin' other day. I shouldn't say that because I do get out here and there, and I know my husband needs that to. It just gets annoying sometimes. Well, tonight after my hubby left what did I do. I did the wrong thing. Me and Xavier laid down on the couch. It was only supposed to be for 1/2 hour until Dora's Birthday Show came on. Well, what happens, we wake up at 9:45pm! What the fuck was I thinking? Now not only him, but both of us are going to be up for the rest of the night. There is no way we are going to be sleeping anytime soon! I should of never laid down on that couch, but it was just so comfortable.

Oh then what happened last night. Andrew went into the kitchen and notices our whole kitchen is soaked. He looks up and drip, drip, drip. Yup...a big ol'leak in the ceiling. We called the landlord (when things like this happen...and they don't happen often I get excited we rent) anyway, we called her and she felt soo bad. Let me just say we seriously have the best land-lady in the world. She bends over backwards for us. We checked the room above the kitchen and its not wet, so it has to be something from the rain. Someone is coming to look at it Monday (tomorrow). The good thing, it hasn't rained anymore and the drip stopped, but I am just waiting for the sagging paint to give away, its like a bubble. I have this huge need to get a pin and pop the fucker, but I know I can't do that. It's just one of those things that you have that urge to do..and it like eats away at you until you do it. Sorta like seeing a big pimple on your face and having that need to pop it! haha. okay that was kinda gross...but true!

Wish me luck, lets hope this little boy decides he wants to sleep soon and not stay awake all night from our nap. I am not going to hold my breath!


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MommyNaniBooboo said...

Oh garsh. I hope you guys finally got some sleep.

"It's not a night a night to myself, It's just like every other freakin day!"- words from my very own brain. Tis true.