Monday, May 17, 2010

Did he really just turn the TV back on?

I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to start my blog, do I want to introduce myself and yadda yadda yadda, or do I want to dive right in....I say dive right in. I mean, seriously, it can't be that hard can it? 

I figured this would be a good time to start my blog, it is late and I am sitting here on our bed waiting for the little one to go to sleep. We are finally 100% getting him in his room, he is soo cute about it. He loves his bed, he loves laying in it watching TV to go to sleep. It is fine with my hubby and I, as long as he goes to sleep we are not picky. The funny thing is, this 2 year old is smart. Like really smart. He has to get it from me, because he is sneaky smart. Like for instance, I am sure he thought I was sleep...actually I know he thought I was sleep and I saw the light come on in his room (the TV light since I went in and made him shut it off) and I watched, he peaked around the corner of his door saw me sitting here and ran back into bed as if he didn't turn on the TV. Now I know I am the mom and I should go in and tell him not to put the TV back on, but seriously, he must not be tired right? What do I do when I am not tired, either sit on Facebook or turn on the TV. I know I am wrong by not going in and standing my grounds, but after a long day of stress, I have learned how to pick my battles, and this is not something I want to deal with. He isn't bothering anyone, so what...he stays up a little late and sleeps in...YIPPEE...that means momma gets to sleep in to! It's kind of a win win. Right?

So I started University of Phoenix, next week is my first set of finals, then I am onto my second set of classes. Let me tell you how much I love going back to school...I LOVE it...I really do. The thing I hate, the school work that goes into it. I sorta forgot that writing papers, reading chapters, taking notes, and assignments all come with classes. DUH...but seriously I didn't realize. Then with the University of Phoenix classes are only nine weeks long, so its faster passed and more work is thrown at you. My life now consists of cleaning, cooking, taking care of the monster, and school...there is no time in there for anything else. I am still trying to figure out time for me and my husband, but I just do not see where our time comes in at. By the time we are alone in bed, we are so freakin' tired we pass out as soon as our heads hit the pillows! I need 48 hours in my day, then I might actually be able to get things completed around here. Maybe then my house can be clean for once, or maybe I will then actually learn how to cook? Am I asking for too much? Maybe?


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