Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why did I teach my child to talk?

Before I had a child I always said "I will never teach my kids to talk." That is one thing that I wish I would of listened to myself with, and actually followed through with. I promise if I have another kid (which is almost 100% that I will not do) I will not make the same mistake twice. I liked it when he would just lay there and sleep, eat, and poop. It was so much easier. He would just cry if he needed something, and the only thing he would need was a diaper change or a bottle. Now I have to put up with the "NOOOO" or just simple talking back all day. Yes, it is very nice now that he can tell me what he wants and needs, but now I can put down something that he loved to eat last week and he looks at it and says "no thats yuckie". How do you reason with a 2 year old to just try it? If anyone has any amazing tips on this, please please please help a sista out, because I need all the help that I can get when it comes to this. I refuse to make him something else, I won't... the only way I will is if I know he has not ate it before but if I know he likes it, it sits there. Am I right for not making him something else, I just do not have time to keep making food.

I did not go to class yesterday, so I have to go today, and I really need to finish taking my notes for my one class. If I didn't mention it before, I go to the University of Phoenix. It is all online and I really love it, but it is really hard to find time. Since I do not have a set time it is all about ME pushing myself to get things done, I do not have someone over me to kick my butt. The good thing is one of my best friends (she is the one who kicked my butt to start school...and I love her for it) but anyway, she goes...so now we push each other and we have someone to talk to about it. I just really didn't realize how much work goes into school, I mean I haven't been there in years so I honestly forgot about how much work went into it, and honestly when I was in high school I barely did the work anyway, so that doesn't really count. *oops*

I would suggest anyone that is thinking about going back, to just do it. Heck, message me and I will help you, and we can get through it together!!


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