Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grammar....who needs it! Not this mama!

I went back to school...why? Please hurry, someone remind me. Not that I didn't already have enough to do during the day being a stay at home mom. For those that are working moms, yes being a stay at home mom is hard and it keeps you nonstop busy...but then this crazy women decides to go back to school! I must have had one too many martini's when I decided this. So last night I have 5 chapters to read and take notes on. This is just for my grammar class. I have not had a grammar class since high school...I was like "wtf is a helping verb" I did not have to know that when making a settlement statement! So of course since I do not remember any parts of sentences I am taking notes out of my ass...trying to remember all this stuff last night. I finally get done with notes and I still had to go to my 2 classes. I figure those will be easy, answer some questions and be done. Oh no, the instructor had questions in the questions for us to answer. I can't complain because that was in the grammar class and I do need all the help that I can get, but after a day of taking care of a toddler, cooking, cleaning, and all that fun stuff I was hella tired. So I did my class work and went upstairs, and got a shower. At this time i remembered that I had forgot to order my meds and I only had one left, so I couldn't take one last night before bed, because I had to save it for this morning because if I didn't take it this morning I would not of been able to function all today. So as I was laying in bed thinking about how bad I needed my meds my head was spinning and I was trying not to puke becuase I had no meds. AHH! Oh ya, and did I mention some crazy biatch was outside screaming saying that 2 people she knew robbed her. know me, I had to open the window and listen to that crap. DRAMA. SOOOOOOOOOO.......I finally get to sleep and I have this crazy dream some guy is trying to kill me and all I remember is screaming.

Hubby called me this morning asking me what I was dreaming about because I woke up 3 times screaming at the top of my lungs in my sleep! CrAzY! I am blaming that whole craziness on not having my meds, because those that are on antidepressant/anxiety meds know that you HAVE to have those or you feel soo funky. I can not wait til Andrew gets home today with my medicine. I feel like a crack head. "I just need one pill" haha.

So, I guess this is going to be my life until I get out of school. I am running on fumes and coffee....and the occasional martini!


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