Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dedicated to the "average" girl....

This post is dedicated to all the Moms out there that were nothing in high school, did average or lower and always wanted to be one of the popular girls, You know, the girls that had everything that you wish you had, the cute boys, the perfect hair, the perfect grades, and got into the perfect know those girls that I am talking about.

I have been wanting to write this blog post for awhile, but I just didn't know how it would sound, and I didn't know how mean it would come off, but today I just had to do it, and I couldn't hold back anymore.

I love facebook, I admit, half the people that I add from high school I just want to be nosey to see where they are now, and to make fun of who they married and maybe even snicker at the 10lbs they might of put on over the years. The one thing that I really love is to see how they are in their lives and if they are having kids and what they look like. I am not stupid, I know they are doing the same with me. Fair, right?

I was average in school...okay below average, I didn't go to college I went right into the working world. I can not complain though because even though I never went to college I never had a minimum wage job, and I moved up in the field that I was working in and I was making very good money. While I was doing this, those popular girls were at the college of their choice having fun and not even worrying about the real world...they were still in their perfect little world clueless. Us "average" people were finding our true loves, and getting married while these other ones were just graduating college and just getting out on their own, on average I would say they were about 2 years behind in the whole "real life".

Well, now is us "average" girls time to sit back and laugh. Take me and my husband for instance. We got married and we planned for our son, he was about a "year in the making." I was in my job, I took out the right insurance so that I would get extra money for my maternity leave, even though we were planning for me to be a stay at home mom from the beginning. We just were prepared. We had Xavier as planned and I became the stay at home mom...and now it is my turn to be envied.

I sit here laughing on facebook watching these girls talk about "how they can only wish to be stay at home moms" they "need the second income." While us average girls never lived outside our means, we knew deep down we always wanted kids, and we always wanted to be at home with them. We might give up a lot to do so, we might not live in a house we own, we might not go out as much as we would like, and yes, some of our hubbies might even work 2 jobs, but we get that time with our children to watch them grow up. These girls were too busy in their "perfect" little world, having to have the "perfect owned home" before they had kids, have the "perfect family car" and once they ended up having kids they have to have that second income and can not figure out how us "average" girls can stay at home and have the life they only can dream about.

I call it Karma. I wish in high school I would of known this would of ended up happening because I might of actually gave them a few tips in life...okay maybe not. I just want to say, it feels good to finally be the ones that have the "perfect" life for once. I might have the "mommy body" and the messy house, and we might have to sit in on the weekends because we have to save our money more...but it is really nice. I would much rather stay at home raising my children then try to make myself feel good by saying "I sent my kid to day care so they have the interaction with other kids" and try to make us moms that make sure our kids get enough interaction feel bad. I never feel bad, I know my child gets the interaction needed and I know that I would never have to make excuses.

I just want to pay all us "average" girls a pat on the back because we are now the ones to be envied...and you know feels damn good!


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