Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Magic Eraser to the rescue!

I just got on my toddlers level and I think I almost had a heart attack. I am having a Party Lite candle party at my house on Saturday so I am cleaning and making sure my house is 100% clean because this is my first party I am hosting here...ya we have been here 4 years and it is my first what! Anyway, I have been cleaning my fat ass off and I happen to look down at my walls....I couldn't believe what I saw! I should of taken a picture, but I would of been to embarrassed to post it (and I do not get embarrassed.) Anyone with a toddler that has never done this, get on your hands and knees (lol) and crawl on their level and just look at your walls. I had 2 years of dirty hands on my WALLS! There was stuff on my walls that I am sure he ate over a year ago...and I am not joking. I just never noticed it because I am not at his height! I got out my source "magic eraser to the rescue!" That and a bucket of warm water...that Magic Eraser gets anything off...even 2 years worth of crap! I followed it all the way up to this boys room. How gross is that! I can't be too embarrassed because I just never knew that things like that happen! I am learned...sloooowly learning but still learning.

Anyone have cats? Well we have 3, and I am so nervous that when you walk in my house you can "smell" that I have cats...understand? Don't get me wrong, we keep up with our cats and we are clean people (minus our walls) ha. Our one bitch cat gets mad and jealous sometimes and when this happens she likes to pee outside the litter box right on to the carpet. She is my baby girl, and I do know if cats do this something is wrong...we have spent over $1000 on vet bills and every time we take her, nothing is wrong. They have come to the decision it is anxiety. Well, that leaves me with cleaning carpets. Any non cat lover would say "simple, get rid of her" and my husband and I have been over that many of times but we are cat lover and do not have the heart to do I clean and clean when she goes through this. That leaves me to my family...they are NOT cat lovers! (did i stress that enough...I don't think I can) so when I tell them of this problem and what I am going through...I get an ear full. So with everyone coming over to my house on Saturday, I am making sure my house is 100% spotless and cat free. The good thing about our little bitch Prada, she does this where the litter boxes are in the one closet so I can shut that door and no one will ever know it happens...(and believe me I keep cleaning it) I am just so scared someone is going to be able to smell "cat." Anyone else ever go through this? Please tell me I am not alone!

Okay, now that you think my house is a dump (hahaha) I promise its much as I say my house is a mess, and even talk about 2 years of dirty hands on the wall, my house is awesome if I do say so myself! I just don't want people to think otherwise.

Okay....tip for the day..........get on your toddlers level and get out the magic eraser!


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