Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi, My name is Nikki, and I am a Farmville Addict.

I have a confession, I am addicted....and I cant stop....My name is Nikki and I have a Farmville Addiction. Yes, I said it, I am a Farmville addict. I need help, but I just can't stop. Gosh, if my crops die, then I lose out on that money, and then I am set back of getting my goal of a 5 million dollar Farmville Mansion when I hit level 70! I knew I had an addiction on Monday when I was watching the live feed about the new iPhone and I was more excited that they announced there was going to be a Farmville app within the next few weeks. I was like iPhone 4...who cares....Farmville push notifications when my crops are ready to be harvested then with a push of the button I can harvest from my phone. I can be in Wal~Mart grocery shopping and if my crops are ready I can harvest...this is like a dream come true! I got so excited last night when I got to pick what career I wanted, I picked having a winery on my farm. Even though I do not know all the details on it, I can not wait until I see what that is all about. I have my winery gnome sitting on my farm waiting.

Look at that beautiful farm!

Hahaha...for real, its not as bad as it might sound. I am not one of those crazy people that supposidly set their alarm to harvest their crops. I am a master farmer and I know what crops to plant when so no crops are ready in the middle of the night. Seriously really do not know how to do that in your head....If its 1pm you do not want to plant crops that are going to be ready in 12 one that is 16 hours! DUH!

THEN...just when I thought I was going good, I have my Farmville addiction sorta under control...what does Zynga go and do they release a new game today....Frontierville! Seriously people, seriously! As if I don't have one big addiction you go and do another one? I wasn't even going to click on it...but I couldn't fight it, I had to see what it was all I click.....and and and I LOVE IT. Zynga, I am a mom, I cook, clean, and also go to school online...and in between all that I have to remember when my crops are ready, then you go and throw in Frontierville?! There is not enough time in the day for this!



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