Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal space...gone!

I really should hold a "pregnancy prevention" class in my house. I swear to goodness if a group of young girls came and followed me around for a day they would choose not to have sex until they are married, or even later then that! I wish they could just watch me as I try to take notes for school, and even study. I am actually learning how to take notes with a toddler crawling all over me. I have learned how to write while he is bouncing on my lap and my writing actually looks pretty darn good. I can also make lunch while he is hanging on my legs...and even study, paybills, and make phone calls while he is screaming in the background. I learned how to block out everything. If someone was able to video tape me during the day they would never want to have a child. LOL. I am not saying that my child is bad, he isn't, he just does toddler things. I always heard that once your child turns into a toddler you have no free time and no more personal space. I always thought they were exaggerating. I was wrong, it is the truth. Seriously, it is not easy for me to go to school, I rarely have time to go to class during the day online, I have to wait til he is in bed which means I don't get to bed til late and half the things I write in my class probably do not make sense (lol).

Other then me ranting today, nothing else is going on. I am super duper tired, and the only thing I am looking forward to is the show "Pretty Little Liars" tonight on the family channel! Does anyone else watch that show. I promised myself I would not start watching anything new since Big Brother starts next week (I am a Big Brother Addict) but I couldn't help but to watch this show, it looked super good...and it is. I have a list of shows that I watch during the week, well at least try to, and if I don't I put them on DVR until I get to them. I should list them for everyone, but then again if I list them you will really think I have no life and I think I would be embarrassed at all the shows I am addicted to? LOL. Hey, a mom can try to have some time to herself too right? *like that ever happens*



Jessica Warrick said...

I agree with you if young girls were to have to take care of my kids for a couple of days they would never have children...lol It would torture them..

Martini Mama said...

seriously! having kids watch people with new borns is not good because the new born stage to me was so easy...eat sleep poop...simple. Toddler stage....eat pull out EVERYTHING, poop, eat more, scream because they don't wanna sleep, pull out the stuff you just put away, scream some more, eat....ya...list goes on! HA

Shell said...

My kids could so be pregnancy prevention, too! LOL

I'm loving Pretty Little Liars. Forgot about that one when I was listing my summer shows.

Katie said...

I have a young lady hanging out with me a lot lately - mentoring her - and although she wants kids and doesn't think that part is hard...the reality of working full time, keeping your kids at work with you or in daycare, paying bills, cleaning a house - and having to do it ALL Yourself because you are now a single mom..yep...definitely good birth control for her.

Enjoy your show! Jealous! I don't get tv time at all anymore in my house!