Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Leashing your child....give me a break!

I have always said before I had children, I would never leash my child. Seriously, I wanted to strangle the person that even came up with the idea. I still to this day can not see the point in them. Over the years I have been a member of the best mommy community on the web, and of course there has been many debates over this and some people bring up some good arguments over everything, but I have always been able to fight back with my beliefs. I would love to get others opinions, because maybe I need to try to see it through a view of a pro-leasher. I am not here I go.

The "I only do it in crowded places" parent

This is the main point people bring up in the leashing debates. To be honest, I just don't understand it. My toddler isn't the best, he runs off just like any other kid...but that is how I teach him. If my toddler was on a leash and ran off in a crowded area I just run after him and correct him...tell him "no" and he learns his lesson and doesn't run off again. hard is that to do. If he was leashed up he would never learn that he can not run off in a crowded area. How does a child learn not to run if he can't do it? I was never leashed, and I am sure I bolted a few times and gave my parents a heart attack, but I learned I couldn't do that especially in a crowded area! 

The "he refuses to hold my hand" parent

Well guess what, they are never going to learn to hold your hand on a leash! A child has to learn, it is that simple. Just because your child gets away from you when you are holding their hand, or just out right refuses to hold you hand, how are they ever going to learn not to do this on a leash!? I have never put a leash on my toddler, and my toddler learns when he steps out of the house, he gives me his hand...and he holds it. Did he do this all the time? NO...but guess what...I taught him...its called "parenting."

The "I don't want my kid touching things in the store" parent

*Bangs my head off the wall* If the thought of leashing your child in a store, mall, or any other type of public place of the should not have kids! Seriously, if you can not control your kids in a store there is just something wrong with you. I really have no other words for you other then that. If you feel the need to do this, I really think you should rethink your roll of being a parent. 
Maybe I am just closed minded, maybe this is a good way to keep a child next to your side...I don't know but I know I will never use one to find out. I am sure there are plenty of things I do that drive people crazy with my parenting style (letting my 2 year old sleep in our bed with us.) I just am so sick of seeing leaches everywhere I go. It is like the new trend for toddlers...kind of like those ugly rubber band bracelets that every freakin' teen is wearing these days. GAG. All in all, I really don't understand the whole toddlers on leashes, I do not understand how they are ever going to learn how to hold hands if they are on a leash and don't have to hold your hand. I personally think it is lazy parenting. Go ahead...throw stones at me, gut me, I am waiting to hear it. I just had to blog because I really can't take it much more.


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