Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nothing like Mommy/Son Time!

Last night was so cute! I was down stairs doing homework, I ran up to go to the bathroom and Xavier met me at the door with his blankie and was midnight but he wanted to come downstairs with me. I told him as long as he laid on the couch and watched some TV he could come down with me. I made him a comfy little bed on the couch and I continued to do homework...then I got an idea! (Yea happens to me sometimes) I called him in the kitchen and said "shhh do you want a secret snack" he looked up at me with a big smile and said "secret!" I pulled out some vanilla ice-cream...I didn't even care that it was midnight! I made him a little bowl of ice-cream pulled up a chair and had him put some chocolate sauce on it and then he added sprinkles. I told him he could even go eat it on the couch! He went out into the living room, got under his blankie and sat there and ate his ice-cream! He kept looking at me saying "secret shhh" and I would say "shhh don't tell daddy." It was a nice cute night. I finished up getting some of my homework down and he was laying watching the backyardagains robot movie and asked me to come watch it with him. We curled up on the couch and started watching the movie together and the next thing I knew it was today! Im sore as can be, but let me tell was worth every soreness in my body to see how much he enjoyed that time with me last and all! There is nothing like bonding with your son, there is just the connection and I love it.



Meredith said...

adorable! I'll have to remember that one!

Katie said...

You are so right! I never liked having my kids in bed with me...even if they were sick...I just didn't like sharing my bed with them AND my husband. But a single mom...the rare occasion that my youngest wakes up in the night and wants to sleep in mommy's bed - I treasure it. 2am, "mommy, you are lonely - you need me" How can you resist that?