Friday, July 23, 2010

I love my new Pink HP Netbook!

Like my new netbook? I am on love, thanks to my wonderful husband! I think he honestly got tired of me bitching about how much I hated my Sony Vaio laptop. I would never suggest a Sony laptop to anyone. I had mine for 2 years, which I do not think is a long time at all for something you pay close to $1000 for. Anyway, the thing would just shut off whenever it felt like it, the keys were falling was a mess. The other night topped it off when I was just about done with my homework assignment for the week in the class I am having trouble with. Of course I didn't think to save every now and then, and then I went to save before I proofed it and BANG shut down....lost it all. That topped it off. I was done right then and there. I still do not feel like redoing the damn paper, but I have to by Sunday night. It will get done, I am juts annoyed.

My child is in this mood today, if I tell him anything or say anything to him he screams, falls to the floor and pounds his fists. I just want to say "I give up" and do the same thing he is doing but then I remember I am the adult in the situation and just have to ignore him. I would love to fall to the floor and pound my fists and cry and scream. Actually wait, I did it the other night when my computer shut off! HA! Seriously though, I am just ignoring him today. This morning he got mad at me, honestly I do not even know what for so he took his big huge bouncy ball and threw it at me in anger so I put my hand up and it knocked back to him and hit him in the head. It was honestly so funny but being the adult again I couldn't laugh but he was so mad at me. He fell to the floor and turned all red screaming. HA. One up for mommy!

When Andrew gets home I have to run to the store and get PJ's for my sleep test tomorrow. I need something with shorts or capri's and the shirt has to be button down. So, I am on a mission tonight to find it. Usually Joe Boxer Brand at K-Mart has nice plus sizes that I know fit around my boobs, so I am just going there first. I hope I have luck because I really do not feel like spending my evening trying to find something to wear for a few hours while people watch me sleep!

Time for me to go, I am going to try to get some school work done before my lovely hubby gets home. I really do miss him, I am so excited that it is Friday, it just really sux that I miss a whole Saturday night without him...the weekends are the time I look forward to being with him for 2 days straight and of course I have to get this test done. Oh well.


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