Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check 1 Check 2

I love saying up late at night to get things done around the house, and more importantly my homework...but let me tell you it is killing me. I am on such a weird schedule that I really need to break. I need to start getting to be earlier and getting up earlier and doing my homework then...but it is just not happening. I do not know how to get on that schedule when I am really enjoying staying up and having the "house to myself" sorta speak. It is nice to be able to get my homework done, clean the living room and then lay on the couch and watch some TV before I go to bed. The only thing that sucks is before I know it, its 3am! EEK!

I haven't been blogging...that means that nothing has been going around worth talking about. It is like the same ol'thing going on everyday...wake up...breakfast...clean....lunch...clean again, nap time, hubby gets home, dinner, tv, homework, sleep....!

One thing that I am looking forward to is my Sleep Apnea test on Saturday night. I am thinking of it as a vacation. I go at 10pm and I promise I will probably be asleep as soon as I can. A night with a bed to myself...even though I will be hooked up to a bunch of crap...its better then being kicked in the tummy all night by a toddler. LOL.

Just checking in to let everyone know I am alive and kickin!


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