Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy Meltdowns.

Is it wrong to sometimes want to bang your head against the wall when your child is having a melt down? I seriously am to that point with my son today. It's not that he is getting on my nerves, it is just the screaming and carrying on for no reason. I understand he missing daddy, but he is too young to understand that daddy needs to go to work to make the money.

My son is at the age where he says he wants something...which I thought would be the best thing to happen. This morning he told me he wanted eggs and toast. He even helped me scramble the eggs in the bowl....made him toast...everything was going wonderful. Well until I brought out the eggs and toast to him and he looked at it and said "that's yuckie, I don't want that!" I honestly wanted to dump those eggs on his head but instead of doing that I said "well that is breakfast...enjoy." I am not starting the whole I keep making things til he eats crap. I put the food down, and if he doesn't eat it, he doesn't eat it...he has to learn. He now is eating the toast. I asked him what he wanted to lunch and he ran over and grabbed the toast...whatever. If he wants to eat that, fine with me. (Don't worry I will make him a lunch)

He also is starting the new thing, when I sit down to do something...anything...from school work, blogging, reading the mail...anything he runs over and needs to be on my lap at that moment. I am to the point I can not get anything done during the day. If I try to move him he will scream. I will let him scream and ignore him but there are some times that I just don't want to hear it. Seriously, a mom can only take so much during the day.

Then when my husband gets home and sees that the living room is a mess and it looks like I did nothing all day how does one explain "I listened to your son scream all day and now that has worn me out." Listening to a toddler all day can wear someone out just as much as running a marathon....if someone doesn't agree with that come to my house for a day, I bet you leave tired.

Oh I can't wait to get back into the working world....


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Katie said...

I love my son and I love being a mother - I even envy most SAHM's because they get to see all those firsts and get the hugs and kisses....BUT...days like this...when MY son does the exact thing you are describing - I thank God for giving me job outside the home. I fear if I didn't work outside the home I might become one of those moms who goes crazy.