Friday, August 27, 2010

Pro-Breast is sometimes not the best!

As I have posted in the past I am all about breast feeding, I think it is a wonderful gift we have as women to be able to feed our babies naturally. I did it for 4 days, then my son was not getting enough milk, I was miserable from my c-section, I made the choice to go with formula. My son was happy, I never had to complain about him waking up in the middle of the night because he went to bed happy and slept through the worked for us. I would never say anything bad about breast feeding moms...if I had another child I would try to breast feed longer but I would not hesitate to put them on formula.

About a month after I had Xavier I developed blood clots and nearly died. As soon as I went to the ER they informed me after they gave me the amount of thinners I needed and plus the medicine that I needed (and had to go to ICU because it was so strong) my milk would no longer be I feel it was a blessing that I switched when I did. Could you imagine my husband trying to take care of a newborn trying to switch a child..oh goodness.

With all that said I am not "pro breast" or "pro formula" I just think that it is good that we have the choice to make the right decisions for our child.

I was just on Facebook and there is a group forming in my area Pittsburgh Breast Feeding Bag Project . I always read what different groups are about. This one wants to take the "free formula" that is given to new parents out of the hospitals. Seriously? What happened to choice....? Why would anyone want to do this?

I am starting to learn that people that have chose to use formula are so much more open minded then women that breastfeed. I feel like women that breastfeed look down on women that choose to use formula...and for some people didn't choose...because you do not know a persons medical history and if they can or can not breastfeed for certain reasons.

I love hearing how pro breast women always say they are doing it that way their kids do not get sick. I always laugh to myself because my son was only on the breast for 4 days...he is 2 1/2 years old and has not had a sick visit with his doctor since November '08...the year he was born. He has never had a high fever, never had an ear infection, is not over weight....he is perfect.

PERFECT I SAY....and he LOVED his formula. :)

Women need to stop caring so much about what other mothers do and care about their own babies. Do not look down on someones choice...mind your business with your own kids.

Thank goodness I can say that I am a supporter of the breast and formula...and I have the balls to say it...! :)



Shell said...

I don't think I realized you were from Pittsburgh. Or I did and just have a horrid memory.

I breastfed my three, but look at it as a personal choice. But, I joke and say that I bf b/c I'm lazy and cheap. ;)

I appreciated the free formula that I got b/c I did have to give my first 2 babies a few bottles and it was nice not to have to buy it for those few times.

I'm open minded out people's parenting choices- as long as it doesn't affect my child- I see it as not being my business.

Shell said...

Oh, and I tried a Le Leche League meeting one time and wanted to run away in terror b/c the women in my group were Boob Nazis. They were so crazy about it that I was even turned off, even though I was a bf mom.

Dana Domestic Diva said...

I breast fed my daughter for a month until she wasn't getting full from it anymore. I didn't do it for any reason besides the fact that in the middle of the night I didn't want to have to get up and make bottles. I could simply just reach over(her crib was next to our bed) and feed her, then go right back to sleep. I had a lot of people in my family tell me that they think that breast feeding is stupid and that they would never do it. I felt like they were trying to put me down for it(not like I cared).

Kristina said...

Hey there! I'm *Kristina from the February 2008 playroom over at JustMommies! You have a great blog here! I'm following it via NetworkedBlogs. Thanks for checking mine out as well!

I wasn't able to breastfeed either of my girls because my milk came in for a day then I couldn't sustain it for some reason.

Katie said...

I didn't breastfeed one child at all and attempted for about 4 months with the other while having to supplement.

We should do what WE feel is best for our kids - not what the DOCTOR or our NEIGHBOR or some woman who hasn't even given birth to a child says we should do.

I'm all for breastfeeding, but I too - understand the benefits of formula feeding.

Great post! Kudos for voicing your opinion!