Monday, September 20, 2010

Challenge *Day 19*

Day 19 — A talent of yours

A talent? Oh goodness I honestly have no clue what my talent would be? This is honestly a hard one for me to answer, but like they say "everyone is good at something." 

If i had to pick my "talent" I would say I have a talent for baking. When I say baking, I mean cakes, cookies, and all the yummy stuff. I do not by any means mean cooking...because that is a whole other story that I would never in a million years call a "talent." haha. I love to bake. You can tell me something you want me to bake and I will at least try it..and almost all the time I can accomplish it. I always tell my husband I wish I could decorate good, because if I could do that I would love to make cakes and wedding cakes for a living. I just do not have the talent of drawing or decorating well. I love making Christmas cookies. This is my big thing every year. I make sure I make enough cookies for Andrew's mom because I know she never has time to bake and now since I am out of the house my mom cuts back on her baking, so I always bring stuff down to her house. I always like to try different cookies for Christmas time also. I make a list of about 8 different types of cookies and by the end of all my baking I make around 6 different kinds and run out of time! Yup, baking is 100% my talent! 


~ Noelle said...

glad you can bake...
me? i just buy from the store!

Martini Mama said...

Oh the store is always good when I have no time or just don't feel like it...! ;)