Sunday, September 5, 2010

challenge *Day 4*

Day 4 — A favorite television program

I am late on this one today....but better late then never, right? Well I would have to say my favorite television program at the moment would have to be "Big Brother." I am a huge reality tv junkie, I watch as many as I can, and I love it. Thank goodness for DVR, that is all I have to say. Big Brother has been my favorite show of the summer since season one. Honestly, I want to be on that show. That is one of my goals. I honestly think it would be the hardest thing to be away from my husband and especially my little boy. I LOVE this show. I can not stress it enough. I am going to list some of the other TV shows I watch...don't judge, I am sure this list is going to be long.

Real World
Secret Life of an American Teenager
Pretty Little Liars (good books too)
Teen Mom
George Town Cupcakes (I want to visit there so bad and try EVERY flavor)
Iron Chef
Kate plus 8
Hells Kitchen
Americas Next Top Model
Jersey Shore (shut
Man vs. Food
Bizarre Foods

Okay that is a list that I am okay with...but honestly, I am sure there are a ton more!

Let me know if you watch any of these...I need someone to talk to about these. Oh ya, I have a weakness for Days of our Lives too! :)



~ Noelle said...

love your tv selections...
lol,jersey shore...
my hubby HATES that i watch it

Laura! said...

Have you watched Jerseylicious?? I'm addicted to that one!!! LOL!