Friday, September 3, 2010

Why must hubbies be so difficult?

My question of the day on this Friday...Do men not listen on purpose or are they just that dumb? I mean seriously! Last night I asked my hubby to do one Comcast and get the amount due on our bill. The only thing he has to pay every month is the cell phone bill, he doesn't have to pay it, but all it requires is a text message so he just does it. That's it! I take care of everything else. Last night I forgot that our Comcast bill was due today or else it was going to be shut off (don't I told him to call and TALK to someone because there have been times that I used the automated and it has told me that the amount due is more then what really needs paid. I explained all this to him...and he picked up the phone as he was watching the Steeler game. The next thing I know he hangs up and gives me the amount due. I looked at him and said "You didn't talk to anyone?" He said "Ya i just used the automated system." Seriously I wanted to bang my head off the wall...I was like "did you not hear what I just said?" (and yes, I was being rude but I couldn't help it because I felt like I just looked to my left and talked to the wall. He was like "Ya I heard you but its right." I took a deep breath because by then I was going to yell. Any other time I wouldn't care, I would just pay it. Right now we are REALLY short on cash, if I do not have to spend extra money, I can' I don't care if it would only save us $1, I will do anything to save that $1...I can't even stress enough how broke we are. (Donations are welcome...I kid) Anyway, I told him "we have to save every freakin' penny and if you paid attention to me you would of talked to someone just to do it..." He got pissed but called back and of course just because I was being a total bitch in his eyes, the amount on the automated system was correct. It was the point. I explained what happened to my friend that happened to be online later last night and she said Comcast has done the same thing to her, the automated system requested more money then what was due, so she agreed with me that it was good he talked to someone. I do not do things the hard way on purpose...I would not make my worst enemy call and have to talk to the weirdo's at Comcast if I didn't have to...that is seriously like torture having to call there!

That is my rant. I really just wanted to scream after that. Oh, and before someone asks...the only reason I didn't call myself is because I was trying to get done in class...and I wanted to watch Jersey Shore (don't judge) at 10 and I just wanted to get things outta the way. Hey, and I take care of all the bills every month minus the cell phone, he could call this one time as a favor. Gosh, he acted like I was asking him for his right arm. I'm his wife, if I needed his right arm he should give it to me though, right? ;)



Shell said...


I don't think my dh listens most of the time. And then I'll finally yell and he'll look at me like what is your problem??? B/c he doesn't realize it's like the 10th time I've asked him to do something.

Danielle said...

Comcast is screwy. One amount due on the bill, another on the website, another on the automated system, I just pick the lowest one and call it a deal. UGH!!

Thanks for commenting on my guest post over at Scary Mommy!!

Martini Mama said...

Shell: At least mine isn't the only one. It is like selective hearing...they only hear it if you are yelling. I swear. It's not often I ask for "help" and when I do ask I would like it done...and the correct way, not half ass.

Danielle: I love your guest blog post, I will be visiting your blog now, LOVED your post. It was so true, and I give you credit with 3 kids. You are right about Comcast too..there is always 3 different amounts!