Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My child swears...and does it well... now how do I stop it?!

My child will only eat organic, never watch television, go to bed on time, and never cuss.

Can you tell that I did not have a clue what I was in for when I was pregnant? Ya, I really had no idea what happens when a child reaches toddler age. My child eats chicken nuggets like they are going out of style, watches television (not all the time..but it is always on a kid friendly station...except for 11am when The View is on) , does not have a set bedtime, and now says "oh fuck!"

Yes, I said it, my child says "oh fuck" and he is 2 1/2 years old. Let me start by telling you the first time he said it a few days ago. Me and the hubs where sitting here in the living room, the boy playing on my iPhone. I have this cat app that he likes to play, this cat repeats everything you say back in a funny voice. It was a nice quiet time and we were laughing at Xavier singing and listening to this cat repeat him....then it happened....he dropped my phone...and it happened. "ohhhhhhh fuuuuucccck" my husband and I looked at each other across the room with the "did he just say it look" then the cat went "ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuck!" That is when my husband and I lost it...laughing. Not "HAHAHAHA" laughing, discreet laughing. happened again, and that is when the iPhone went away and the talking to started. Oh yes, I wasn't happy. Not that I was happy the first time, but you know what I mean.

That was it for the night....thought it was over and done with. Yesterday I came home from the drug store and Xavier and the Hubs were playing Mario on the Wii. I sat down and was watching when Xavier fell off the world or whatever happened on mario and it happend "FUCK!" Mario went off Xavier got a butt whoopin (yes we do hit butts...don't judge) and told him "that is a bad word, do not say that blah blah blah" Then we put mario back on....and it happened again! Yes, again! That time he had time out,Mario went off for good and no T.V. for the rest of the night. 

HELP ME! We have decided from now on we are just going to ignore it. I have heard from a few friends that usually helps....but what if it doesn't? I do not want my child saying this! We think he got it from a movie we had on while he was playing and we thought he wasn't paying attention...but I am not going to lie, my hubby and I slip up from time to time too. I am not going to point fingers though, the damage is done, he knows the word...and uses it good. Now the question WHAT THE FUCK HECK DO WE DO ABOUT IT?! 

Any helpful tips you have for us, we would love....comments....criticism....let me have it....we need help in this house. We really do need help!


Anonymous said...

I wrote a post about this not too long ago.

But you know.. I think the best thing you can do it just try not to say those things in front of him and not make it a big deal when he says them. It is a little scary though because it's like- what if he says it at church or somthing like that?!

Martini Mama said...

I know...we have learned our lesson. Ignoring is going to have to do from now on. I am going to read your post later! thank you for sharing with me. I need all the help I can get on this subject.

Kobi said...

Oh I could of wrote this post myself!

My 2 and a half year old says the exact same thing also some other choice words...

And he has said it in to the cat app too!