Friday, September 10, 2010

New Obsession...and I was banned.

I have this new obsession thanks to my crazy cousin. I feel weird from even sharing this obsession, but I am going to...Chat Roulette! I love it. I love not knowing who I am going to see on the other end of the computer when I hit the "next" button. I was sitting there last night because I knew my cousin was on and I was trying to find her. My husband and I were sitting here on cam laughing because half the people that came up on our computer were penis's...when when I say that...I don't even mean impressive ones, they were ones that I would not even put on screen if it was me. (lol) Then I didn't realize that people could hear me, so I was sitting there laughing and saying rude things, and then realized that there was sound. Oh was it funny.

Well, I went to log on for some chat roulette this morning and I couldn't believe it...I was temp. banned! How could this be? I wasn't naked, or doing anything weird that almost all the other people were doing. I have no idea when I am going to be aloud back on, but it better be soon because I miss it. I have this need to get on and see who else I am going to find on this cam chat whatever it is. Funny.

So, I feel bad that I haven't been on this blog. I have been doing the blogger challenge, which is fun...but I haven't been posting. I have been posting on my other blog, Fat Girl File. That is my gastric bypass blog. I don't want to bring all that over to this blog, but that is the only thing I have been thinking about. Sept. 22nd I get my surgery date, and I get to have my psych evaluation. Oh, it is just coming by soo fast, soo...if you do not see me updating over here and wanna see what is going on, just check out that blog because I am sure I am posting on one or the other.

I have to go grocery shopping tonight, why is it that every time you plan on going grocery shopping you wake up in a mood that you want to kill someone and the last thing that you are thinking about is going to a packed store. All I gotta say is that they better have the car carts for my son, because that is the only thing that is going to get him through the store.

Oh and think about me tomorrow. We are taking the boy to Wings Over Pittsburgh, the big air show. My son better love going through all those big planes because we are fighting the crowds just for him!


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