Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vacation is needed....but I'll pass...

Yes, I said it..."no thank you" to a much needed vacation. Actually, I haven't said "no" yet, but I am happy that this vacation that is being planned isn't until sometime next year. I know everyone is like "you are crazy....take a vacation if you can!" I just can't though. I keep reading about certain things that just make me want to lock up my house, and sit here, not let anyone in or out....ever. What is it that I am scared of.....BED BUGS!  

I have been seeing so many things on the news lately about how hotels, stores, and even movie theaters are having trouble keeping these little things out. Every time I hear someone talking about these little fucks, yes I said it...LITTLE FUCKS....I get itchy to the thought of one of them crawling on me...let alone biting me!  

Well, I saw another "bed bug" headline and of course I had to click on it. I am happy I did because they mentioned a website (and whoever made this website is a freaking genius)  BED BUG REGISTRY ! You can search for a hotel that you are thinking about booking and see if they have had any bed bugs. People will post their experiences and what they saw there. Soo...this morning I sat here as I itched thinking about it, reading about Las Vegas hotels. I was curious because this is where we want to go next year for our 5th Anniversary. Some of the best hotels in Vegas have/had bed bugs. Gross. Now, before anyone corrects me, I understand that the cleanest person can get these bugs. That is why these little fucks freak me out so bad. Once you get these things, they are saying it is soo hard to get rid of them. The last thing I want to do is spend my money on a nice hotel and it have bed bugs. Okay, I could even deal because I am the bed bug inspector before I get into any bed...they would change my room....but but but....what if I take one of these home with me? That is what totally freaks me out. 

I am sharing this because I am really freaked out at the thoughts of having any sort of bug in my house (minus the little spider here and there). Especially when a person gets into their nice clean bed at night and the thought of bugs living there....omg I can't even stand it! I am so happy I have some months to think about this, because I am really worried about these little creatures.



Joanna said...

Ewwww! Even the occasional spider grosses me out. I can't stand bugs in my house. The great outdoors, fine! But my house, or my bed?? No thank you!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Yeah, I've been hearing bed bug cases are on the rise. And every story I read says they are a nightmare and most people end up throwing away everything they have. I hope we never go thru it (knock on wood). Good luck planning the vaca. :)