Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This stay at home mom gig...sooo not what I applied for!

I have learned today that I am the worlds most unorganized mother on the planet. I seriously have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what I am doing. I can not keep up with my messy house, I can not find time to do school work, I have no time for anything and I do not get anything accomplished all day. Really? I thought this Stay at Home Mom gig was supposed to be a breeze. I always imagined sitting in a clean house all day playing with my toddler, then having dinner on the table when my husband came home. Ummm...I never cook. I hate cooking, every time I attempt a new recipe my husband doesn't like it because I swear he hates to try anything new. I really suck at this whole thing. I don't want to say at being a wife or mom, because I am pretty darn good at those things. It is just the life part of things and managing time and ahhh....where does anyone find time to do anything? 

I mopped my kitchen floor today while the boy was napping. I seriously felt like I should get a reward because it was such a chore. What did I get for it? A bruise on my ass from falling in a wet spot! Lovely. Where is my paycheck or reward? I think if I got a paycheck every week I might be motivated on doing something. Okay, maybe not...but hey it would be a nice reward. 

The hubby is working overtime all week and even on Saturday. So I feel like when he comes home he should have dinner ready and come home to a clean semi-clean house. I just don't want him to get used to it, because this is hard. I don't want to get his expectations too high of me when we both know this is not going to last. Does that sound bad? I mean I am just telling the truth! 

This stay at home mom thing is not what I applied for!


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