Tuesday, December 14, 2010

House of Sickness....please go away!

I woke up this morning to hearing the little one puking in his bed. I just knew right then and there it was going to be a long day. I got him in the shower everything cleaned up and made him a bed on the couch. I put down tons of blankets so if he misses his "bucket" nothing will get on the couch. Well, we both fell asleep...no more pukies....then when he woke up he puked again (thank goodness in the bucket). Now he keeps insisting he wants meatballs. I told him he has another thing coming, it is crackers, pretzels, and toast all day....and of course liquids. I am not cleaning up anything else other then that. He has kept everything down so far, but I still do not trust it.

So as I sit here and watch him, getting ready to run to catch things in the "bucket" haha....I am trying to make a list of other stuff I need for last minute Christmas shopping. I need to get to Target just for some odds and ends. Like little things to put in with gifts, and stuff like that. I feel bad because my dad and Andrew's step dad got little gifts, so I want to get them like some mixed nuts or something to go with it. We put more money towards "Santa" this year because Xavier really understands and is excited. Now we have to be very careful with our money. I can not wait until income tax time comes that way we will have money in savings again to fall back on. This always ends up being our "short" time of year and it drives me crazy since this is when I need the money money. I do not know why I let this happen every year. This year we are really short though, it is making me sick and crazy. We will get through though. I got this. I hope. HA! 

Other then all this stress I have been doing good with my new tummy. Nothing wants to stay in it the past few days, but other then that I have been doing good. I have lost like 40 some pounds, so I feel good. I am kinda stalling this week with it but I think it is because nothing will stay down except liquids. I know I need to keep eating what I can for meals, but it is easier said then done. I am sure that will be over soon enough and things will start getting back to normal and the weight will start falling off again. I went down 3 pants sizes so I know something is happening. I never thought I would be soo happy to be in size 18's again. Now onto my goal of 8's. I hope I can do it! 

Okay, back to watching the boy and play "catch the puke" when I see him burp! FUN TIMES!

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