Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is almost here!

Christmas is only 3 days away....well Christmas Eve. I count Christmas as a 2 day holiday just because we do so much between those 2 days. This is so exciting for me this year. Xavier knows what is going on, he knows about Santa, he went to sit on Santa's lap, he told him everything he wanted and Santa told him what he needed to do in the next few days to help mommy and daddy. It is just exciting. Xavier helped with the tree, he is soo proud of his Christmas tree. He runs downstairs every morning and flip the switch to turn it on. I love this time of year. I seriously wish I could skip over the next 2 days to get to Christmas Eve. 

Our tradition is to go over to my inlaws for Christmas Eve. Everyone gathers over there for little snacks and appetizers and just enjoy everyone's company. Then we come home, get the boy to bed, I clean up the living room and put presents out. The next morning I get up and get ready (early before everyone wakes up) that way I am ready  for our busy day. When my hubby and Xavier wake up PRESENTS. Then we go back to my inlaws to exchange gifts, then off to my mom and dads! EEK! I just can't even write about it without getting so excited. 

What is everyone else doing for Christmas? Anyone have any fun traditions? Tell them! I love to hear about everyone's holidays!


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What an adorable picture!