Friday, January 7, 2011

Combining blogs/making a website.

I feel like such a horrible blogger, I really do. I love blogging...I love logging pictures of my family, and I love bitching about things that I need to get off my chest. The problem? I never have time to do it. I look up to all these mommy bloggers that have these wonderful stories and funny sites. They always have time to sit down and write. I have one question for everyone...HOW? I have another blog. I have been updating that one more because my weight loss is coming along well (almost down 50lbs) so I have been over there blogging like crazy. I really miss my mommy blog. I would love to make a website that I can have both....a blog and website for mommies that are needing a martini and want to lose weight. I am going to do it. YES YOU READ CORRECTLY. I have soo many ideas and things that I want to share. The problem...I do not even know where to start. I NEED HELP! 

SOO....everyone that has their own URL and website and all that fun junk, I need help. Please give me your advice, the cheap places to go, and anything else you want to tell me. Please share all your lovely little secrets because this is something that I want to make a hobby and fun for me since I love love love writing. I have ideas mama's but I do not know where to start. I would love some advice. 

Thank you ladies. 

Now back to studying ....I swear this is all I do anymore! :) 


Anonymous said...

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vanita said...

it all depends on whether you want to invest the money in it. Godaddy has been great and it's inexpensive. as a matter of fact, i believe when you sign up for hosting (i pay $15 for 3 months), you get a domain name for free. you then pay for registration which I paid $15 for two years. (never register for one year, google will consider you as possible spam) I used another host before, much cheaper, i mention it on my site, but i won't say their name since they do monitor that trash. next thing you know i'm getting calls and emails from one of their executives.
feel free to email me and i'll tell you exactly who to stay away from.

anyhoo, Godaddy was recommended to me by a bunch of bloggers and i also use them for a client's website and haven't had any issues and their support is great.

as for the actual site, i must recommend wordpress, because there's just so many options and a great content manager.

i suggest you do some research, check out theblogfrog boards and even read the post i wrote on moving from blogger to wordpress before you decide.

now all that aside, you can only have one domain name per site. you can have a domain name that redirects to a site with a different name too, but then your readers follow one url and end up at another and it may cause confusion. also, as far as i know, your website can only have one blog running. you won't be able to combine two different blogs on the same site unless you mix the posts into one blog. then again, and you'd want to confirm this with the web hosting company that you chose, you may be able to have one site name with two subdomains, each subdomain with it's own blog. i know, i'm being confusing. it's a lot to digest. i guess first you have to decide if you want to go with wordpress or another blogging platform and then, if you like, i'd be happy to help you research and/or share what i already know about wordpress and web hosting.
feel free to contact me anytime.