Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dedicated to my following plus size mama's

Did you ever walk into a store and see someone that has a child around the same age as your kids, and then notice that they still have the baby weight plus more (you know what I mean, you can just tell) and actually be happy that you are not alone. I mean, I would never wish someone to be overweight, because I am struggling because I am at my heaviest right now, and I am also in my 6 month prep for gastric bypass (that is for another post) ANYWAY, I know its horrible to do, but I just get so excited that I am not alone. You see all these models get right back into shape in their bikini bodies 4 weeks after giving birth, and it just makes me mad. First off, I was not even in shape before I had the monster, but seriously I put on so much after I had him just being at home...I do not know how these women do it.

I love seeing a star, such as Kendra Wilkinson, having trouble losing the baby weight. Its not that I like to see her heavy, but just to see someone that I can relate to. I hate having all this extra weight, I hate my blood pressure going up...its just so freakin' hard to lose. I try to watch what I eat, but I do not have a personal trainer to kick my butt and go work out. Going to the gym costs money, I am not putting extra money out for that right now...we just cant. My son is at the age he wants to RUN....we live in the city w/cars and buses so I hate taking him for walks, do not get me wrong, the boy holds my hand and knows how to be good and whatnot when we are walking, but I am so scared to take him for walks during the day because I have this fear of him getting away...its just in the back of my head and I refuse to do it. I just do not know what else more I can do.

I used to buy a lot of my clothes at Old Navy, they always had plus size clothing, well now our Old Navy is cutting back on how much plus size clothing they are getting in, and also cutting back on the fair is that? They have a plus size section on their hard is it to ship these clothes to the stores? How fair is that? I just get to irritated that us plus size girls have to shop so hard for clothes that are cute and bigger. Why can't every store just put clothes in all the sizes. Why does there have to be a plus size section at all! Ugh. I am so irritated.


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