Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Review.... *no spoilers*

I got passes to the midnight showing of the Sex and the City 2 last night (or should I say this morning). I wasn't going to go, but my friend called me at 11:15pm and we decided to hurry and go. I am so happy we did. I am not going to give a whole review...sorry if that is what you were looking for, but I decided it is not like me to sit here and write a review of the movie, because it's a long movie, and also, you just need to see it. If you are a Sex and The City fan, just go. It was so fun to see it in the theater with a bunch of women. I never laughed so hard in the movie theather in my life. It was that good. This is by far not a spoiler...because I absolutly hate when people do that, but now that Charlotte and Meranda have kids, it shows that side of things and how moms need a break, and I really liked that. I just can not stress enough...go see this movie... you will not regret it!

So I got back home around 3:15am, got a shower and headed to bed. I am actually wide awake which surprises me for the amount of sleep I actually got. I need to get this living room cleaned. Its driving me insane and I just cant take sitting here. I also have to get back into going to class. This week is finals, and even though I have finals I still have to go to class...which I have been slacking I must do that the rest of the week. I ust cat sit here and go to class with a mess around me. I just better not clean up this mess of toys and this lil'monster pull them all out again. I will make sure that doesn't happen.

That is like my extent of excitement for awhile. That is pretty bad that I get that excited to go to the movies. LOL. I guess that is some of the things we kinda give up when we become parents.


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