Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I showed him! *not really*

I know every stay at home mom says it, but I have to say it again, I really think we should get paid for doing all the work we do, hell even a tax write off or something! My son is actually being really good today so I can not complain one bit, but I am sure in about 1 hour ten minutes I will have something to complain about. Okay I wrote that too quickly, he just brought my stiletto shoes out to walk in....lovely.

I can not believe I am going to admit this, but I was so mad last night at my hubby (if you do not know what happened it is blogged about before this one) I slept on the couch. It wasn't a bad thing, I got to lay on the couch all by myself in the quiet and watch some things I had taped on DVR. It was actually a treat to myself. I got some studying done, and then treated myself to a quiet night. I couldn't of asked for anything better. I might actually do it again tonight! HA! Then I think about it, and it really didn't show him anything, he got the king sized bed to himself...I am sure he loved every minute of it. Well, at least he apologized this morning. Seriously though, he needed to...he tried to turn the apology around to bring ME into it again and I stopped him in his tracks! I hate fighting, it really is pointless, but when you do something that I do not like you better believe I will ignore you.

If you do not know, I am a huge animal rights person. I am not so crazy that I do not eat meat and animal products, this girl needs her ribs and cheese...! Anyway, I do think we are the voices for these poor animals that get mistreated and I do wish I could give every cat in the world a home (I have a soft spots for cats). I saw this picture the other day and I had to bring it to everyone's attention because it made me smile. I hate animals used for human entertainment.  I refuse to go to a circus that has animals in it anything like that. Well I had to laugh when I saw this picture, the animal fought back! (warning not for the squirmy)


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