Monday, May 24, 2010

Men do not THINK before they Sp..... Do ANYTHING

What more can I get blamed for in this house of blue? Seriously my husband has topped them all with what he started with me this evening....let me start by explaining. This morning I was on the phone with him and I was bitchin' about my allergies, they were so bad this morning my throat was itchy, whatever, I have had them for years I know how to deal. Well, he asked if I still had the AC on and I told him I did because we just woke up and I haven't had time to check the weather. He told me to not even bother checking just to keep it I assumed it was humid or hot I was so busy doing breakfast/coffee I didn't even think about it. Tonight he is getting another cold...or allergies, he doesn't know (typical man). He said it was because I keep is so cold in here! I was like "you told me this morning to not bother turning off the AC so I didn't. What does he say, I honestly was speechless for a few seconds...and that never happens. He said "well you never listen to me any other time!" I was like "you mean to tell me if I don't listen to you I get bitched at, then if I do listen to you and you don't like the outcome I get bitched at....where do I win?" Seriously?! I am being so short with him tonight, I can not even begin to think about wanting to talk to him. Why are men so thoughtless?

On that note, I have finals this week, and I really am nervous I am going to lose my 2 A's I have in my classes. I really like saying I have A's, and I will be really upset if I got to say I had 2 A's all quarter, then then have to say I ended up with 2 B's or even worse 2 C's. I have til Sunday to take my finals, so I am holding off as long as possible so I can study as much as possible.

So I guess my week is going to have to listen to a sick man...which let me tell you is the worst. I would rather poke my eyes out with a spork then to have to listen to a man being sick.....I wish I could break down when I got a little cold...or better yet act like I am dying and can't move for a week....wouldn't that be nice?! I could only dream!

OH OH OH OH OH....on an upside of things, I won 4 midnight passes to Sex and the City 2 today...Downside, no one I know can or wants to go! FML!


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