Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's never too early for Vodka.

Oh it is that kind of morning. It is only 11am and I have already been touched to much for the day. I have been cuddled on, hanged on, climbed on, spilled juice on, I have just had it. Do not get me wrong, I love cuddling with Xavier, it is the best in the world, but when you are touched too much it gets old really fast. My husband comes home and sometimes wonders why I do not even want to hug him, it is because I am touched all day. I just want my personal space. Not only do I get touched all day, I get told "no" all day, I have to toddler talk all day, it is really hard. I just want to scream by the end of the day. I love home women that are not stay at home moms always think that it is really easy to stay at home all day and say how much they would love it. Please, try it for a month. At first it is nice, but when you have a toddler in the house, your house is never clean, toys are constantly being pulled out and your head is spinning all day. Just when you think you get to sit down to do nothing, something else happens or needs done at that very moment. It is honestly the hardest job in the world. Then silly me puts school work on top of that, seriously what was I thinking?

I do not want people to think I am blogging for a pitty party, I am just blogging to stay somewhat sane. I have lost my mind a few times here and there, the one day the windows were wide open and Xavier just wouldn't listen at all that day, I just looked at him at one point and screamed at the top of my lungs. The boy just looked at me like I had lost it, and since my neighbors are all our relatives, I am sure they are thought "she has finally lost it". Ha. I thought for that minute I had lost it to, but I actually felt better, I just screamed then went back to what I was doing. Felt damn good. You should try it, I recommend it.

I woke up this morning to a tweet about Yo Gabba Gabba Live coming to Pittsburgh. I can not wait for this, tickets go on sale next week for a September 30th show. I think I am more excited then anything else. I just hope we can get tickets because seriously, I know this is going to sell out fast...hella fast. I am going to be with the crazy moms trying to get their child up close to see this. Actually they will be trying, I WILL get Xavier up close! (lol)

Okay my child will not stop screaming, I am about to spike my morning coffee, I seriously need a drink. Its 5 o-clock somewhere right?

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