Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba, You want me to pay WHAT?!

I love my child with my whole heart, and I would do anything and everything in my power to get him the best experiences of his life. That is when I wrote yesterday I would be one of those crazy parents that did anything in their power for him to get up front and personal with Yo Gabba Gabba....ya....that is before I heard the prices!

Prices for this show start at $76 and end at $136 per person. I am sorry, but I would not pay that for a concert, let alone to watch a man in a bright orange tight uniform jump around on stage for a hour. Please, I can see the most expensive tickets being $76 but starting? You have got to be out of your damn minds! Then they say they have VIP packages, which are $80 a piece on top of the cost of a ticket. I am not sure if these prices I am posting include that, but they better! I will keep everyone posted, but as of right now I refuse to pay that much, that is just crazy. C'mon, these are kids...all they want to do is have fun!

I have been so irritable lately. I am usually really good, really patient with Xavier. Do not get me wrong, I still am, but I have been on edge and I do not know why. I am thinking it has to do with my nervousness of my first set of Finals next week. I am trying to study at night but my hubby doesn't seem to be helping. He laid and watched a movie on his computer last night while I was in class...completely ignoring Xavier. Xavier watches TV and whatnot, but he literally waits for his Dada to get home, so when Andrew doesn't get on the floor and play with him and just sits there I get mad. I know Andrew needs his down time too, but sorry, the boy comes first and I do not think men realize that. I deal with crap all day, so when he gets home I feel that it is his turn.

Then last night I came right out and told Andrew that I have been touched by Xavier all day, I cant stand it and I did not want to be touched kiss, no nothing...I just really wanted left alone. What did he keep doing last night, anything that involved touching. I was sitting there and he leaned over and kissed my back and I just flipped. Seriously, if I come out and tell you when you get home to leave me alone, do it, I deal with a toddler all day that cant listen, if you come home and cant listen to me we are going to have problems! Seriously. Enough Said.

Okay....bring on the drinks, this is going to be a long day!



Velvet said...

Ugh, I can so relate to not wanting to be touched by the end of the day. With a toddler in the house there is no such thing as personal space. When I was trying to put Trevor down to sleep the other night while we were out of town and he climbed all over me and kicked me for an hour and a half. I just about lost it, and yelled at him and my husband. It takes so much out of you being everything to a little person! :)

Martini Mama said...

You can say that again. I just would like my personal space for at least 1-2 hours a day, but I think that is just too much to ask. I think its time I start going to the bathroom and locking the door to "poop" and bring in a good book again! hahaha