Friday, May 21, 2010

Learn how to pick your battles, please.

I love my husband with my whole heart, but there are some things with a toddler that he needs to learn. The main thing he has to learn with Xavier is to learn to pick his battles. There are many things that I can ignore during the day that Xavier does. Just little stuff, I can't even think of the things right now. Just things that I do not tell him "no" about because he isn't hurting himself or me...and he is occupied doing. I just do not have the energy to tell him "no" all the time, it honestly gives me a headache repeating myself. Well, when Andrew gets home he doesn't know how to pick what battles with Xavier are the ones to fight. I don't want to say he yells all the time, because that is not the case, but he is ALWAYS correcting Xavier. Then I have to listen to Xavier cry all evening. I try to explain to Andrew, "pick your battles" you do not want to correct him on everything, if he isn't hurting you or him, just leave it go, that way you are not making him cry all the time. I do not want to hear it, you do not want to hear it....leave it be. I just wish men had a little more patience. I have learned to have patience, if I didn't learn this I would be in the psycho ward banging my head against the padded wall right now. (seriously)

Xavier is going to grandma and grandpa's for the night tomorrow and mommy and daddy get the day/night to ourselves. I have no idea what we are going to do besides go out to dinner. I just want to hear a quiet house, and I can not wait for it. Just to be able to lay on the couch and not have to worry what the lil'one is doing, omg...heaven. I think every parent needs that now and then, and tomorrow is much much needed for us. I am getting the rest of my school work done for the week tonight, and then I am free until Sunday! So excited.

Time to go watch some Wubzy. Taking the boy to get his haircut later and get some summer clothes...this should be fun, I just hope he is in a good mood, and I hope he naps soon so mama can get ready. Im craving a beer already and its only 1130am. Lovely.


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