Thursday, June 10, 2010

Super Busy Super Momma!

The worst thing in the world is waking up knowing that you have a full schedule ahead of you. For me it doesn't even involve me leaving the house, but I am still trying to get my house ready for this party on Saturday. From the way I keep going on, ya'll must think my house is a wreck, it really isn't, I just want everything to be perfect. It is really hard. I am trying, it is just hard with a little monster behind me messing things up. Today I have to clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen just a little from yesterday, Andrew is going to do Xavier's room. I think that is pretty much it. I am going to go to the store tonight after he gets home. I need to pick up a few odds and ends and just get out by myself for a little. Then tomorrow morning our new refrigerator gets here...thank goodness. I can not wait for that, then tomorrow night we are going to go grocery shopping. We were going to go grocery shopping tonight, but really...whats the point when we have to take all the stuff out of the fridge, and also the freezer has to freeze and stuff like that. Soooo...we will just do that part of things tomorrow evening. Fine with me. I need to come up with a little dessert for Saturday. I am having just finger foods, I am doing buffalo chicken dip and chips and dip...but I am trying to think of a dessert too. I have no idea what to make. I will be looking online later tonight. If anyone has any fun ideas, leave them, I would love to try something new...and you know I'll post on my blog a picture and how it turns out!

I think I am stressing out and wanting everything perfect because I want everyone to be like "wow she got things under control." Most of my friends are working moms, and I am really the only non working mom right now. Its not that I feel "left out" I just want it to be like "wow..she does do things during the day." hahaha. I think stay at home moms know what I am trying to say.

Well, let me start on things around the house. I want to get lunch out of the way and hopefully get this boy down for a nap later so I can get ready to run to the store when the hubs gets home. I do not want to be too late tonight because I have so much to do. eek. :) I can not wait til Saturday to get here so I can just relax!


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