Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just change the freakin' diaper.

I swear sometimes men think only of themselves. Don't get me wrong, women do this too, but men just seem to do it more often. I am PMS'ing this week really bad and everything is bothering me. This one thing happened tonight that really bothered me and I have to write about it before I go to sleep just to feel better. I do all the housework all day, I even made dinner tonight that was good...and I still had class to go to. Xavier comes in this evening with a poop diaper. I deal with this all day, so I look at Andrew and was like "your turn." He gets all bent out of shape because he is comfy in bed. I am comfy on the couch all day but I do not have the choice, I gotta do what I gotta due. I understand that you worked a lot of overtime this week, and especially today, I understand that you are tired...but I also am tired, I cooked 3 meals today, cleaned the house, took care of the boy, and I still have to go to class...well I was in class when Xavier came in the room. The last thing I want to hear is an attitude about a dirty diaper. You are not the only one that is tired...we both are for different reasons, but its like they don't understand that you can not shut off being a parent. There are times that he will say he can't do something because he is in the middle of something else. HELLO....what do you think I do all day. I have taught myself to prepare lunch, clean up spilled drinks, pick up toys...all while shaking my Martini (I kid.) but seriously, I can do so many things, I do not have to do one thing at a time. Let me take the other day for instance...I asked him to get the boys clothes on while I got dressed and then put his shoes on...he looked at me and said "well I gotta put the dishes in the dishwasher." I just stared at him like "ya so what do that while you are doing the other stuff." What do men think that stay at home moms do all day, sit around and eat bon bons watching soap operas. (do they even still make bonbons) Like seriously, some of the stuff that comes out of a mans mouth makes me speechless and that never happens.

Sooo....ladies....what are some things that your hubbies or others say to you that you just shake your head and walk away because it is soo ridiculous?! I know I am not the only one with stories.



Anonymous said...

This is exactly what all of us SAHM's deal with!!! It's so frustrating and don't get me started on the MIL and SIl's with day care that hound me all day as to why my kitchen is dirty or laundry is not put away! GRRRRR! Feeling it today just as are you. *Deep breath* Just know that we are all behind you and know exactly what kind of day you had! - Meredith

Jenna said...

"Well, what did you do all day if you didn't get ___ done." I now understand why some people snap. Seriously, being a SAHM is no picnic some days. There is only so much I can do with a teething,35lb toddler who wants to cuddle all day.

Martini Mama said...

I understand and I agree 100%! Everyone thinks our houses should be clean all the time and dishes be done. My house is never 100%...ever. i have a 35lb toddler constantly wanting to be entertained or touching me in some way. I NEED SPACE!

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!