Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Party Lite orders in tomorrow! Yippee!

I woke up this morning completely wide awake and ready for the day. I came downstairs and I am ready to clean my little big heart out. My goal for today...get the house clean and have dinner waiting for Andrew when he gets home. I know, what the fuck has got into me? Ya, I am wondering the same thing, but I have really been slacking in the whole housewife department so I thought I better get my bootay in gear. One thing that has got me very excited, all my PartyLite orders are going to be here tomorrow. I am so excited, I got $160 in free stuff from just having a party. I can not wait til it gets here, it is going to be like Christmas for this mama. I have so much stuff that I am going to get to set up and play with. I just can not wait til it gets here!

Here are the items that I ordered...once I get them tomorrow and set up I will post pictures of how they look in my house and I will also post reviews of everything. I love Partylite stuff, I have never not liked something that I have got from them.

This is why I had the party....I NEEDED this as soon as I saw it.

Of course to go with it....I had to order the tea light holder....

I have been wanting a picture frame for going up my stairs, when I saw this....It was perfect!

I have been looking for the perfect warmer for flameless candles. I saw this and it was perfect because it uses a bulb to warm the wax, not another candle...which is perfect since I have a crazy toddler and 3 crazy cats.

Isn't that too cute for the house?! I also got tealights and melts for the tea light tree and the warmer! I am going to have so much fun decorating the house tomorrow. I think I am officially old now that I get my kicks on setting up stuff for the house! HA! I'll let everyone know how things are tomorrow!



Katie said...

I LOVE Party Lite stuff! We don't have many reps in this area anymore. You know how that goes...area gets kind of saturated and nobody wants parties anymore...time for someone to start that up again!

:-) Found you through Mom Blogs. New Follower!

Martini Mama said...

awww thank you for your comment! I love partylite, i am thinking about starting to sell it next year i am obsessed with these products!