Friday, June 25, 2010

"Stop coloring on YOUR toys"

My 2 year old has a new obsession...coloring. It's fine, he scribbles with his crayons on all the paper that I give him then brings everyone pictures to hang up. He brings them to the grandma's, aunts, and anyone that will take one. He gets so proud. I have to say I am proud of him, he has only colored on the walls once and its nothing my magic eraser cant handle. (gosh i love that thing) Well, his new thing is coloring his toys. I have to keep repeating myself "stop coloring on your toys!" After I say that he gets all mad and yells at me and continues to color on his toys...its a fight that is never ending. As I sit here and think to he really doing any harm by coloring his own toys? I mean, he isn't coloring the walls...he isn't coloring anything that is mine...he is coloring his plastic toys, and if I really wanted, I could clean them off with my handy dandy magic eraser that I love dearly. Seriously moms, are they doing anything wrong? I know we have to teach our kids to respect the stuff they have and I wouldn't want him coloring his bed or anything like that...but it that bad? I caught him coloring his one plastic car yesterday and I told him to stop and he said "mama painting." So in his little mind he was painting the car a different color. I do not know what to do. Of course I do not want him to grow up thinking he can "paint" on things, so do I stop it now or do I just let him go? Then what if I let him go then he goes to someones house and does this and gets in trouble. I also do not want his toys to look all jacked up...but then again, who cares if they do?

Why is the choices of how we parent so hard sometimes. I mean, this simple "to color or not to color" is so simple yet so hard?



Laura said...

I guess it's up to you! I would probably freak if my kids did that, but if it's just a plastic toy and there are boundaries for what he can and cannot color on.....then let him if you want! There's no rule that says you can't make up your OWN rules for your kid. I would say if it becomes a problem and he's wanting to color on the couch....then maybe bring it back to the paper. LOL Have fun! -Laura!

Shell said...

I would just be happy that it wasn't the walls or the furniture. Thank you, magic eraser.

mrs.notouching said...

It is up to you - you pick your battles. I think as he gets older you can explain that what is ok to do at home it is not always ok to do at other people's houses - which is a great life lesson in general, so coloring toys would probably be a good example at this age. Just have fun! Who knows maybe he will turn out to be a great painter then you will have a great story to tell about how he started when he was two :-)