Monday, June 14, 2010

Hey ladies! I was invited to try out an awesome site and I just have to share it with everyone. I am not one to advertise anything on my blog, I want it to be more of a personal blog, but when I find something good, I share...and this is something fun and good. Lookville is a site that I got invited to join and it is where you post pictures of outfits that you might have in your closet that you have questions about what shoes might look good with it, or if you are thinking about buying the outfit what accessories will match. I admit, I have no sense of fashion at all...seriously, it just isn't something in my genes, I couldn't accessorize a black dress. I have about a million weddings and graduation parties coming up this year, so honestly, this site is for me. Of course on my first outfit I posted I had to be a little funny because of my stay at home mom outfits (smile) but I will honestly be using this site for all my clothes questions because there are some really good looking women on this site that look like they know what they are talking about when it comes to fashion. Me, I just know what looks comfy! If an outfit looks comfy, sign me up...ya know? haha. If anyone seriously wants to check this site out for themselves, I have 5 invites and I would love to share them with my readers. Please feel free to either email me your email address or leave it in my comments! I promise you will be addicted to this site as soon as you sign up...I know I was! LOOKVILLE



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