Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Night Homework.... I'm just so wild!

As I sit here on my second bottle of bottled water catching up on classwork for the week, I thought I would check in and blog. My party went wonderful today. I was so excited that everything turned out good. Everyone had a lot of fun and I think I made a lot of sales. I will know tomorrow how much I can spend, I can not wait because I want to start shopping. I am just happy everyone had fun...I didn't even care about the sales, I just wanted to have my first party at my house.

So I am sitting here on a Saturday night doing homework. I am getting old (lol). I do not mind though because I am sitting here with Andrew and Xavier. Andrew is trying to play the new Mario for Wii as Xavier keeps getting in his way of the TV. It honestly makes me laugh because Andrew is almost 30 and still gets into Mario like a little kid and gets so mad when Xavier gets in front of the TV. I sit here and silently laugh to myself because its like a older brother yelling at a younger brother. Cracks me up!

So I logged onto myspace for the first time in like a year? Well I just wanted to catch up on some friends that do not have a facebook, I looked and this girl that I was friends with lost about 150lbs and looks amazing. I honestly was so jealous I couldn't even message her and see how she was doing! I know that is awful of me and I really shouldn't be jealous...but I am. I am not jealous of her life....obviously because that is so freakin' out of control, but I am jealous of how she looks. I wish I had time to go to the gym all the time. Here is me stuck writing down everything that goes in my mouth for 4 more months until my surgery. I never mentioned this before because there is no way in hell I am turning my blog into a "gastric bypass" blog, but yes, that is what I am having. Maybe one day I will write more about it...of course if anyone has questions or comments about it you can leave them and I will answer them. I just do not want to have a gastric bypass blog. I do not want to be the spokes person for it, I am doing it to get healthy for my family and myself and that is it.

Okay enough about that, I think its much needed time to get back to class work....before I pass out. I had 3 margarita's at my party this afternoon then took a nap when everyone left and woke up at 8pm with a hangover. I never had that happen, a hangover at 8pm at night, but it did and I never want to do that again, it was like a headache from hell. Night bitches!


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