Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seriously? no...Seriously?

I seriously do not know what kind of timing men are on. I really do not understand what goes through their heads and why they pick the times to do things. How do you decide to clean out the closet that has needed to be done as soon as I finish cleaning the living room? (The closet is right next to the living room) Why do you decide to rearrange the bedroom on a day that I say I have a lot of school work to get caught up on? Why do you decide to make dinner and not clean up after yourself? Oh it makes me angry.

Let me start with the dinner. I love that you cooked dinner, it was yummy and it was nice. The thing that spoils the whole dinner...is not cleaning up after yourself when you are finished. Seriously, cleaning up after yourself is like me eating a nice big piece of cheesecake for dessert. It is that satisfying for me. When I get up in the morning and have to go into the kitchen and try to make breakfast for a cranky little boy but first have to clean up from the night before...it makes me cranky. I want to be able to come downstairs, get breakfast and my coffee and sit my fat ass on the couch and watch some TV...or just veg out and try to wake up. That is a good morning for me. NOT waking up and cleaning up. It just spoils my whole day.

Why do you keep saying you are going to clean the closet out and it is a disaster for months and then when I am going to have a get together and have my living room spotless the night before the get together decide to clean out the closet? Seriously!? What makes a man want to do this? I know its not just my husband either. I was talking to my good friend and her husband did the same exact thing? I just do not understand...they see a nice clean space and have to mess it up? Can't it wait til after the get together? Why does it have to be the night before? It is like the next big wonder of the world.

These are just the thoughts that have been going through my mind lately. Some things I can seriously just sit here and think about for hours, and these are just 2 of the things I will think about. Then it pisses me off because I will never know the answers. I can't come out and ask the questions either because then for one...he will not make dinner again...and 2. not clean the closet again. SO...I just have to sit here and wonder. I seriously think men do things just to piss off females. It wouldn't surprise me though, because I admit I do little things that I know get under my husbands skin.

Don't sit there and act like I am the only one that does it. When I know that something little bothers my husband when I get a little pissed off at him for something, I will do it. Just to make him mad. I know he won't say anything about it either. For instance the other day he said something about be running to the store. I know it irks him when he gets in the car and I have left my iPhone charger plugged in...so I will leave it plugged in. Or else I will leave the cassette thingy that lets me play my iPhone music in...! Its just my little "F U" without saying it. Ha. I know I can not be the only one that does little things. I am sure he has his little "F U" to me also, I just haven't figured it out yet. Actually....maybe his little "F U" is not cleaning the kitchen after dinner....hmmmmmm....we will never know!


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