Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Martini Mama....where are you?

Oh it has been a busy few days. Let me start by saying this...if my laptop ever dies I think I am going to die right along with it. Yesterday was the most tramatic day of my life. I go to plug in my iPhone to download the new update for....and my computer goes popup crazy. I don't know how I got a virus...I do not download anything....but I got one. I went into this rage. I thought my world was coming to an end. This is the week of midterms for me, my iPhone needed updated, my crops needed harvested (don't judge) was just gone. I freaked out and ended up reformating the whole damn thing. I lost everything that was on it (still is mourning over my loss of CS3) but I came to the adult decision school is more important then anything else so I put on my big girl panties and reformated the whole thing...and now its better then ever and faster then ever so I am happy. I got my iPhone updated around this time last night and I am one happy lady. The only thing that could make me happier is if I had a drink next to me, but I am content.

How is that to start a Monday? Not only that I am PMS'ing like crazy, for no reason all week this rage comes over me...okay I have reasons, but they are not the best of reasons...besides my computer....! I am craving chocolate like a mad women but I refuse to eat it because next week I have another appt with my surgeon and I really need to lose like 2lbs by then. I do not think I blogged about it because I do not want my blog to turn into some gastric bypass blog, but that is what I am going to have done in November...if everything goes as planned. I am excited.

Can you tell my life has been crazy?! I just wanted to check in, I am around...I am trying to be around more now that my computer is back to life. Excuse this week though, midterms are going to kick my ass!


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