Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 Items I hate spending money on...

There are 6 things in the world that makes me cringe every time I have to purchase them. Seriously, I hate hate hate spending money on these things, I would do anything if I never had to spend our hard earned money on them again!

6. Toilet Paper- This in life should just be free. This house goes through rolls and rolls of this stuff I wonder how much money in a lifetime is wiped with shit and flushed down the toilet. When my husband says "don't forget to buy toilet paper" I just want to kick something.

5. Garbage Bags- We are buying these things to throw away! Think about it, the only thing you do with these bags are put them in the trash. Every time I add them to my list I just know its going to be a bad shopping day. I should invent something else that can hold our trash....or something. I don't exactly know what it would be, but something!

4. Paper towels- Same reason. The only thing you do with these are get them dirty and put them in the trash. We can not live w/out them though. We need them, we have to clean with them (well you don't HAVE to, but they make daily life easier) This morning I wasted half a roll cleaning up cat puke off my floor with them...I should of just cleaned my floor with dollar bills.

3. Tissues- Boogers....need I say more?

2. Water- I hate buying bottled water. I wish I had something to do with the bottles instead of throw them in the garbage. It makes me mad to put them in the garbage bags but what else is there to do with them? My water seriously tastes like chemicals, maybe it is all in my head, but I buy water. It just sounds crazy to even say "I buy water" who ever started such a thing...kinda like the "pet rock."

1. Pads/Tampons- I should just line my panties and stuff myself with money....



Laura!! said...

I can solve almost all your problems!! LOL Buy a brita pitcher or something of the sort! Buy some cheap rags to use instead of paper towels. I bought soft thin flannel material and made my own tissues for boogies, the kids love them! And believe it or not there are people out there who use washable pads. Yeahhh....not sure I can do that one, but the rest I do! And I have water delivered. So they sterilize the big 5 gallon jugs and reuse them. Ta-da!!!! LOL I'm the crazy environmental lady though.

Martini Mama said...

I love your tips...! The only reason I buy paper towels is because we do not have a washer/dryer so I try to cut out on the laundry with all the rags, because I am crazy about cleaning counter tops. I am going to try it though. People really use "reusable pads" sorry that made me puke a little in my mouth! hahaha

Shell said...

I cracked up at your last one.