Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who is leaving Big Brother 12?

Well, I am officially obsessed with Big Brother 12. Yes, I stay up til around 3:30am every night watching these boring house guest. (Thanks to my daddy for buying me the feeds.) I figure this is once a year that I look forward to this show so I am going to take full advantage of watching. I will just deal with being tired all damn day!

I only have a minute before nap time but I wanted to write down what I thought about the show tonight and who I think is going. Here are my ideas and I want to see if I get any of them correct!

I really do not have any guesses to who the SAB is. I want to say Andrew...but I am still having mixed feelings, my thoughts on this change by the minute.

I do think the 2 house guests that are "life long friends" are Kathy and Britney. I think they are mother and daughter. The SAB said it was obvious if you think about it, and the SAB did have these 2 X'ed out that one morning. (their pictures)

Annie and Rachael are up to be voted out. I personally think the SAB is going to switch votes tonight and the opposite of who they wanted to leave is going to leave...does that make sense?

I want to see if I am correct on any of these things. Does anyone have any ideas? I am crazy for this show so I would love to hear what everyone else thinks!




Little T's Journey said...

I hadn't even thought of Kathy and Britani. Now it seems so obvious.

Martini Mama said...

Im watching it right now...i cant wait to see!