Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Parents can NEVER win!

I made it to the grocery store last night! I honestly do not know how I did it, I was so tired, and I still am, but I seem to still be staying up as late as possible to get homework done. Okay, maybe I shouldn't blame it all on homework, I have this time obsession with the television show "Big Brother" and I was up til 1am, 2am, okay seriously 3am last night. They were not even interesting in the house, just sitting around talking and gossiping and I couldn't stop watching. I think it is the whole thing about being able to log into someones "house" and spying, even though there are millions of others doing it too I just love it. I always say every house should have cams and we should be able to log in and see what they are doing at all hours of the day (including mine). How neat would that be? Okay, maybe not all that neat because as I sit here drinking my coffee I am in a tee shirt and underware and I have no plans on getting out of it today. lmao. If someone seriously wanted to log in and see that site...so be it...I feel bad for them! HA!

Okay I could talk about Big Brother and spying all day, its just my thing but I do have a rant. Of course I do...I am always ranting about something, right? Well this is going out to all the people that do not have kids, or just forget what it is like to have toddlers. We went to the grocery store last night and all day I promised Xavier that he could ride in the "car cart." At our grocery store they have these big plastic cars attached to some carts for kids to sit in...but it makes the cart hella big and for me really hard to drive. Hold on, let me see if I can find a picture, I know I took one of Xavier the first time he rode in one.

Okay, so you see how big it is and how hard it might be for someone to maneuver around the store. The thing is, parents will do this for their children to keep them quiet. Xavier loves it...he is quiet the whole time we are in the store, so I will attempt to push it. Andrew is usually there with me and he will help if I need it, but I like pushing. Well, there are people that will just pop in and get in my way, just walk in front of me, or even see me coming and just stand there as if they never saw me coming, then get mad if I say "excuse me" and they have to totally move so me and this car can get passed. I even get eyes rolled at me after they look at this cart. Honestly people, do you really think I want to have to use this cart? No, I really don't but as a parent we do need groceries. Then we have the people that say "leave the kids at home and only one parent go." No, why should we have to do this? I do not know what my husband is going to want to eat, he needs to be there to pick things out too. We are a family and we go out as one.

These are the same people that will give me dirty looks, roll their eyes, and make rude comments if my toddler is screaming the whole time we are in the store because he doesn't have a car cart. Now that I have become a parent I have learned that parents are at a lose lose situation with people. No matter what we do there are always people saying that we are doing it wrong, or opposite of how it should be done. People look at us like it is our fault our child is screaming bloody murder in the store. Parents learn how to block out our screaming kids, sometimes we have to because we do not want to give into them every time they cry. It brings me back to the lose lose. I was in Wal-Mart with Xavier once by myself. This was when he was around 18 months. He saw McDonalds and wanted french fries. I told him no and he was screaming, this lady rolled her eyes because I had a screaming child. Well, I finally just had to give in, he wouldn't stop and I thought about it and figured out he was hungry....time got passed me too fast and we did miss lunch. I ran and grabbed him a happy meal (shoot me I know) anyway, we saw that lady SAME LADY and she looked at the Happy Meal and then looked at me and shook her head! Seriously? Sometimes I just do not have words for people.

The good thing about me having a child is that I now watch my mouth a lot more, and I do not react to these people that have difference of opinion and give me dirty looks. Why give in to them? Why show that they are getting to me? Better yet, why teach my kids that it is okay to say something back in a rude manner? I can not say that about my hubby though, he still reacts and gives these people what they want. He stands up for me and the family...and I love him for that, even though sometimes I want to tell him to cool it, I would never do it in public.

Anyway, parents, I feel for you now that I am one. I have respect for my fellow parents, especially parents of toddlers because you know what they say about peoples opinions. :)


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