Monday, July 19, 2010

When does reasoning turn into bribing?

I have been "reasoning" with Xavier lately, but its almost along the line of bribing. I do not want to be a parent that has to bribe their kid to do things, but I also want to be able to reward him for good behavior.

Today Xavier found a lollipop in his bag as I was making breakfast. I came out and he threw a fit because he wanted his "pop" and I told him he had to eat his toast. This went on and on forever and I told him if he would take ONE bite of toast he could have his pop. Well, he just wouldn't and ending up throwing the toast on the floor. I made him throw it in the garbage and just let him calm down...and it hid the pop. I let him sit there for about 15 minutes then I went in and made him some soup since by then it was noon. He ate all his soup and was sitting on the couch watching Sponge Bob. I called him over and said "since you are all your soup you can now have your pop." I gave it to him and he was happy.

My whole thing is, should I even of gave him the pop since he refused to eat the first thing that I gave him. I knew he liked the toast and peanut butter, he has ate it there was no reason for him not to take at least one bite. I wanted to show him that when he does something he gets "rewarded".

I don't want to be one of those parents that have to bribe their kids to eat. I just hate parents that are overheard in restaurants bribing their kids to stop crying, or to eat their veggies. (thank goodness Xavier loves his veggies) Sometimes I catch myself giving into him, just because I do not want to cause a fight or hear his screaming and crying. I know I am wrong for this, the last thing I want is for him to grow up as a spoiled only his mother. *smile*

I really need some bribing okay? When is it okay?



Shell said...

If bribing is always wrong, I'm in BIG trouble.

Katie said...

I really don't consider THAT a bribe. My son would eat gummy bears all day long if I let him. But he knows if he eats his breakfast he gets a couple...lunch...a couple...dinner..a couple..