Monday, July 12, 2010

I am so busy I can't enjoy life.

I seriously have been slacking on the blogging. I want to know, where does everyone find time to blog? Do you make time? Maybe I should set aside a certain time to blog...I do not know yet. I love it, it is my outlet...I just don't know when to always sit down and do it.

Last night I was up til after 2:30am taking notes for school and I am still not done. I seriously am driving myself crazy. Also, I got the feeds to Big Brother on CBS. Seriously, every summer I get sucked into that show and I count down til the new season once it ends. I love it. I can watch it on my computer live and I am never going to get things done. I am so into it already and it just started last week. So now on top of spending time with Xavier, Cleaning, Cooking, being a wife (yes it is a chore), and doing school work, blogging, preparing for surgery...I fit Big Brother into that....seriously...I need more hours in my day. I guess I should just enjoy it though because I am not going to be a "stay at home mom" forever.

I have to actually get Xavier and myself ready, when Andrew gets home later we have to go to get groceries. I am not looking forward to this. I am just not in the mood today. I don't feel like getting a shower and all that fun stuff that goes with getting ready. I honestly don't even think I am putting my face on, I am that tired. I am just in an "I need to get things done, don't bother me" kinda mood.

I just wanted to check in, I promise to blog more just bare with me for the next week or so while I get everything situated and I try to set aside time for all my tasks that need done. I really do need a schedule. If anyone has any ideas for me...please leave them. I need any help I can get!


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