Friday, July 9, 2010

Lisa Rollins hates breast feeding, fat cow


I admit, I only breast fed Xavier for 4-5 days. I tried, I really did give it my best but I just couldn't get the hang of it, Xavier wasn't getting enough food, and I gave up. I really wish I would not of gave up, but I did what was best for me and him, and he is a healthy little boy that has never even had an ear infection, so I am okay with my decision. Well, yesterday morning a friend of mine on facebook posted a link to this morning show host, honestly I have no idea what this cow is, it is the first time I heard of her. Anyone, I am going to refer to her as a "cow" because of the way she talks about breast feeding and how disgusted I got at her comments.

I posted the link to this radio show host said so ya'll could hear it for yourselves. I was in shock that a women, and even a mother would say some of the things that she said. If you were unable to listen I will sum it up. This cow said that she thinks breast feeding is disgusting. She was at chik-fil-a over the weekend (which she could of skipped) and a women sitting next to her was breast feeding her child and it made her sick and she almost lost her appetite. She then goes on to say that the women (get ready for this one) should of breast fed her baby on the way to the restaurant?! UMMMMM.....this cow would rather a mom take a child from a car seat and breast feed the baby on the way to the fast food joint?  Then she goes on to say that there is the option to go into the bathroom and feed your child. I got a tip for you, cow, why don't you take your fat ass and your chicken sandwich into the bathroom and eat and see how much you like it?! Then she said that there should be LAWS about breast feeding in public! LAWS TO FEED YOUR CHILD?! What the fuck (excuse me) does she think your breasts are for? They are for feeding a child?! She would be the same person that would of bitched if that child was sitting there screaming the whole time.

I honestly can't even get into half the stuff she says, you really just have to listen to it for yourself because seriously typing this even makes me mad. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing when I listened to this bitch talk. I would like to ask everyone to send her emails, and pictures of women breast feeding. It just makes me mad at the things she said!

That's my Friday Rant! 



Anonymous said...

You certainly are a shining star yourself, your language explains the calibur of person you are. Not to mention you couldn't even complete your motherly tasks of breast feeding, you didn't give up on breastfeeing, you gave up on your son. Make excuses, then call people a fat cow, you maim, are pathetic.

Martini Mama said...
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Anonymous said...

How did she give up on her son when he was not getting enough food. She obviously made the best decision for her son's health. Your ignorance is astounding! Your judgement clearly "explains the calibur of person you are".

Martini Mama - I was shocked to hear about these comments made on the radio by Lisa Rollins. Especially as she is stated to be "calming, caring, conservative" on the radio show's website.

When someone bags breastfeeding, so many people appear to relucantly shake their head and acknowledge that yes, they can see where that person is coming from. They are a sexualized object etc.

However, when someone defends breastfeeding, they are called fanatical. It is as you say - we are forced to defend the normalcy of breastfeeding. That is what breasts were intended for.

Unfortunately our porn-saturated society causes many moms to be uncomfortable to nurse in public and causes many members of the public to be uncomfortable to be around nursing in public.