Friday, July 30, 2010

Terrible 2's....oh just wait!

There is one thing that makes me laugh, when someone has a child they think is going through the "terrible 2's" when their child is not even 2 yet. I was one of those parents, and right now I would kill to have my child back in that stage. I thought things could only get better that the temper tantrums at 1 1/2 were as bad as they were going to get. What the fuck was I smoking? We are at the stage right now of if this boy drops a piece of paper wrong he is on the ground pounding his fists into the floor. I just look at him like "is that really necessary?" I am the queen at ignoring, I just don't even waste my breath. I seriously hope this is the worst it gets, but I am not lying to myself anymore, I know its is going to get worse. Just a few minutes ago he was stacking paper onto the coffee table, a piece flew off and hit the floor...all I see next is a boy going to the floor screaming and crying. I just looked at him like he was crazy, which of course made him more mad...but I don't fall for it. If he wants something done, he has to do it. I am not going to do something for him just to keep him from flipping out, I figure if I do that the tantrums are never going to stop.

Have we had a breakdown in a public place yet? was a few months ago at the Cheesecake Factory, but that was when I thought he was going through the terrible 2' it really wasn't that bad. I am just waiting for the day of one of these melt downs to happen in the middle of WalMart. Oh gosh, people of Wal Mart here we come! I can see it now. Hey, at least he isn't on a leash right? haha. KIDDING. sorta.

I just want to pound my head against the wall most days, especially today when I have school work to finish and knowing that is on the end of my list because of the mood the little one is in. Now that he is fitting himself into the papers diaper box, I think it might be time to go get him out and maybe do some finger painting...yes I have lost my damn mind!



Laura! said...

Girl tell me about it! Donovan was such an easy kid! THings got tough around age three. He's a pill now at 4. LOL, totally different story. She's like X. Drop something on the ground wrong and she's having a fit or whining. All day all I listen to is whining and crying and complaining. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for school to start and at least Donovan is out of here a bit. He tends to cause a lot of her fits and tantrums. Poor R needs some alone time away from her brother! So do I!!!!

Martini Mama said...

I need some alone time away from everything! I try to get out of the house like every other day, mandatory that I get out of here. The only thing this boy wants to do is watch Caillou and I refuse to keep that on all day, he has to entertain himself by playing and not the TV and I am really annoyed. I might just need to go outside and scream.

Shell said...

We're in the twos here with my youngest and OMG, I can't wait to get through it...well, plus the threes b/c they aren't any better.

Tina said...

Oh, I can completely relate! My oldest started getting a little attitude @ 18 months. She is now three and just starting to calm down. We still have tantrums here and there, but not as bad as a few months ago. She is sooooo independent and has to do EVERYTHING herself. I should be happy, but when it comes to pouring a glass of milk from a gallon jug, I have to step in! LOL.