Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Parents need to control their kids"

Yesterday I got into a tweet argument that I knew I had to turn into a blog post because I was outraged yesterday. I actually wanted to post this blog as soon as it happened but I know it would not come out nice since I was heated. (lol)

I was going through my tweets yesterday and a friend of mine from my High School days retweeted this...

AMEN!!! ---> “@Dxxxxxx82: Dear parents of screaming kids: CONTROL THEM! There are other god d**m shoppers you know! That's all

I don't even know where to start with this one...oh wait...yes I do! I would like for someone to explain to me "how to control my child." My child has a mind of his own, I can not CONTROL him. I am lucky my child does not scream in the store. Yes, we have had our melt downs, and I personally will let him sit in the cart and scream his little head off if he wants a toy that he is not getting. If I would "remove him from the situation" then he would learn to scream and cry whenever he didn't get his way, or scream and cry if he wanted to leave the store and I was not ready. Personally, if you are grocery shopping and you do not have a child and you hear someones child screaming and you don't like it...Leave. It is that simple. Just because we have a child with us that is making noise that YOU do not like, why should we have to leave. Us parents have things to get done too...!

I admit, when I was younger and didn't have children I said it all..."there should be stores that babies aren't aloud to be in" you name it I said it. Now that I have a child, all those thoughts have left my mind. Now when I hear a screaming child I feel for that parent. Do you think us parents love to hear our child scream and disrupt the whole store as we are trying to shop? Hell no! We have to deal with the stares and everything else rude people might do...but what would you like me to do...go to the duct tape department and put some over my child's mouth to CONTROL THEM? (seriously at one point or another us parents have thought about it...believe me) Us parents that have had the screaming child do not get a kick out of it or make our child scream just to ruin your day. Put yourself in our situations.

Next time you non-parents hear a screaming child in a store put yourself in that parents situation....pretend it is the only time that week you are able to go get run to the store and your child wants to leave, but you HAVE to get things....he/she is screaming, you can't leave the store until you get what you would you feel? Exactly.

Maybe next time you hear a screaming kid in a store and you want to get upset, take a deep breath and just think....what if that was me as a parent...someday it just might be! Be mature about it, actually use your head and just might change your mind!



Shell said...


We do what we can as parents. My kids tend to do pretty well, but they have their moments. These moments tend to come at the end of a shopping trip. So, I've gone around the store for an hour, getting my grocery shopping done. And we get in line and one has a meltdown. Am I supposed to leave my groceries there and then have to come for ANOTHER shopping trip? There's only so much we can do to make them settle down. Sometimes, I just have to ignore and realize that we'll be gone in a few minutes.

Katie said...

I totally regret rude comments I made to people prior to having kids. You learn so quick there isn't much you can do at times.