Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pregnancy Advice to Parenting Advice.

There are many things that bother, especially other people. If there is one thing that I can not stand is people that can't mind their business or give me advice that I do not want to hear. You can talk to me until you are blue in the face but I am not going to change my ways for anyone. I might think about your advice, but I am still going to do what I want to do...especially when it comes to my kid. Seriously, once you announce you are pregnant just be prepared for all the unwanted advice. I got advice that I could not dye my hair to I couldn't eat Feta Cheese. The only person I would listen to was my doctor. FYI: you can dye your hair according to my doctor, the chemicals don't seep into your head, and if some would its not enough to hurt...and you CAN eat Feta Cheese, just make sure it is pasteurized...which if you buy it in a store it normally is. I also got told that I should stop taking my anxiety meds...this is after I switched to Zoloft which was cleared by my doctor...seriously no one could mind their business with me...and I did get annoyed. Honestly, unless the person is doing harm to the unborn child (smoking, drinking, etc) seriously, just keep your mouth shut to a pregnant women, they have enough to worry about besides you telling them that they might be doing something wrong.

Anyway, back to my point of my post. Today I was in the doctors office waiting room with my mother in law, I had my 4th weigh in so she took me so she could keep an eye on the boy while I went back into the room. Well this chain smoking lady...you can tell by her voice...older lady....nice....decided to chat it up with us. She saw Xavier and started talking about her grandchildren...blah blah blah. She pulled out pictures. I honestly think she saw that my mother in law was black and I was white....and since her grandkids were half black we were in some kinda "club." Well then she happen to see Xavier was in diapers and said "honey how old is he" and I told her 2 1/2 and she was like "oh my God, and he isn't potty trained yet?" I was like "That is normal, he is a boy they take longer" and she begins to tell me "ohhh no, I had my grandkids potty trained, that is not good for him." I smiled and said "Well he is our one and only and we feel when he is ready he will let us know." So she keeps going on and on about what I should do and blah blah blah. I blocked her out from then on and thank goodness she was called back not too much longer.

Seriously? Lady, I am his mom and if he isn't ready and I tell you that he isn't ready, don't begin to give me advice. I do not mind changing his diapers...he is going to be my only child...I will do it at his pace. He is going to day care in Feb, I am sure he will be trained by then....but I refuse to push it on him. I don't think that it is good to do that for a child. Grrr.

That is my rant. If anyone is reading this and gives out advice to people like that, just don't do it. It's honestly rude!

What is the craziest advice you have got since you got pregnant/had kids!???


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FabMom said...

I wrote a similiar blog post on the stupid things people say when you have kids. You can read it at: http://fantasticfabulousmom.blogspot.com/2010/05/think-before-you-speak-please.html