Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This momma blogger needs advice.

I have been reading a lot of different mommy blogs lately. I have noticed a trend in them, they offer links to different giveaways. I have never linked anything from my blog because I thought it was impersonal and I didn't want to ruin my blog...but it seems like the thing to do. What is everyone's feelings about this? I am new to this blog thing...are giveaways good? How do I get started with that? I don't want that to be all my blog is...because I do my blog for me. This is my outlet to life. :) Advice is needed...so feel free to give it!

If I had a call off day today, I would use it. My cramps are through the roof, all I want to do is lay on the couch but every time I lay down the little monster jumps on me and it just makes things worse. I am not in the mood to yell...having my period does that to me. I just want quiet. I am letting him have the TV and I am just reading about blogging. I should be starting on school work but again, I just don't feel like it. Ugh.

Thanks in advance for your advice on things! :)



Laura! said...

I say stay away from the giveaways. but that's just me!! I see other people having giveaway things on their blogs and it makes me just want to stay away from them. I'm not on here to get free crap, I'm on here to read what you have to say and reply to it!! LOL

Birdie said...

I usually just tweet if I find really good giveaways. However, if I found some amazing ones I probably would post about it but that would never be all I do. I have too much to yammer about to waste blogestate on other people's giveaways!

Martini Mama said...

Thank you everyone!! I think I am just going to stick to me yapping. :)